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Family & Succesion law

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Family & Succesion law

All aspects of Family law: Adoption, Court marriage, Special and Foreign marriage, Divorce, Custody, Child Support etc.

Stefan Lyubchev Law Office strives to meet the contemporary needs of the economic aspects of a marital union, connecting business and family, as in compliance with the newly-adopted Family Code of Republic of Bulgaria provides services, connected to the protection or guarantee of the property of each spouse- before, during and after the marriage.

With the adoption of the new Family Code, which arranges the judicial regimes towards community property in a new and additional way, each spouse is given the possibility to protect theproperty and business he/she owns or has independently established from eventual claims of the other spouse or his/her heirs when entering into a prenuptial agreement.

Stefan Lyubchev Law Office offers:

• Advice regarding the drafting and conclusion of the marriage contract;
• Consultations on the benefits of various matrimonial property regimes;
• Preparation of individual marriage contract;
• Provide notarized marriage contract;
• Registration of the marriage contract at the Registry Agency;
• Preparation of supplementary agreements to amend marriage contracts