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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Irrespective whether IP forms the core business of a company (e.g., development or exploitation of IP rights in innovations or copyright protected matter), or has more accessory functions (e.g., trademarks), it needs to be well looked after from the very beginning of an IP right existence and throughout its lifecycle, by a careful and regular analysis of the potential risks that may affect it and by taking the appropriate and timely measures for protection.

Understanding the significance of IP protection for our client’s business, we advise on a broad range of issues relating to protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights.

We perform due diligence of trademarks and industrial designs and preparing opinions on the the due diligence results.

We take care of our clients’ trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic markings’ national and EU registration.

We draft of objections against the registration of marks, as well as opinions on violations of industrial property rights and defence options.

We structure and draft licensing agreements.

We represent our clients before the competent courts in connection with the defense of violated rights on marks and industrial designs.